Hydrant Repair, Maintenance, Testing, and Installation are often forgoten until it is too late.

Everyone assumes that a fire hydrant will function properly when called upon to perform its task during a fire emergency. Unfortunately many times that is not the case. Worn, neglected or damaged hydrants can cause delays in fighting a fire and put lives and property in jeopardy. Fire hydrants must be periodically inspected and tested to assure they will operate correctly during a life threatening emergency. Failure of a fire hydrant or valve in a fire suppression system is not an option.

We provide the following complete and comprehensive services for Fire Hydrants and appurtenances to keep them operating at optimum performance levels:

*Fire Hydrant Annual Maintenance Program as Required by NFPA Code 25 ( view code 25 at NFPA.ORG )

*Fire Hydrant, Gate Valve and Post Indicator Valve inspection and assessment

*Fire Hydrant and Valve maintenance and repairs

*New Fire Hydrant installations and grade adjustments

*Water Flow and Pressure Tests

*Fire Hydrant Collision Repairs

*Installation of Fire Hydrant Security and Tamper-Proof Devices

*Storz Connection Nozzle Conversions

*Hydrant Painting and Chain Replacement

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