AVT Line Stoping and Valve Insertion allows the contractor to provide shut downs on existing water system that is pressurized or in service without interruption of that system or the inherent costs involved in shutting the system down and cutting in a mechanical Valve.

The purpose or concept behind these procedures is to mechanically mill a slot into the top of an existing main. A removable valve bonnet is attached and a resilient wedge is lower into the cross section of the pipe to provide a positive shut down of the flow. The valve can be used as a line stop to allow other work to be performed during the shutdown. Once work has been completed the valve can be opened, the bonnet removed for a temporary line stop, or the bonnet can remain in place as an AWWA rated system valve.


*Adding control valves to a system

*Prevent shutdowns

*Reduce shutdown and effected areas

*Water lines, sewer lines, drainage lines,

*Decommission of piping

*Installation of by-pass lines

*Isolate pressure vessels

*Allow cut-in installation without draining the system

*Pipe repair


*No need to de-chlorinate or re-chlorinate

*Avoids shutdowns that could have effected one-third of the city

*Local restaurants, retailers, and businesses will not suffer service losses

*Installed valve meets AWWA material standards

*Provides a 250 psi rating

*Operates with the normal number of turns

*EZ Valve has a Super OD range which accommodates most types of pipe.

*Pipe-line integrity maintained; no sectional or circumferential pipe intrusion, only a milled slot with no coupon drop.

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